We let our products speak for themselves; all cooked from scratch with fresh ingredients and a large helping of passion. For our bread products we use long fermentation and Doms’ sacred sourdough. The passion is shared by our staff that all have their own areas of expertise, producing a variety of baked savouries and cakes. The sandwich fillings, meats and salads are prepared in our kitchens using enthusiasm and a lot of love.

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Bespoke; we prepare your sandwich to your requirements.


Artisan pitas; ciabatta; focaccia; rolls and loaves baked by our award winning baker Dom*.


The salad bar has six standard salads with a few seasonal variations during the year. These can be topped off with freshly prepared peppers, beetroot, sweet corn and carrot followed by a choice of shots like seeds; olives and sun-dried tomatoes to name but a few. If that wasn’t enough you can then add one of the main sandwich fillings like chicken coronation….a great combo!


Our cakes follow the seasonality trend, although we have four that we produce regularly throughout the year. The cakes are rustic in appearance and are based on traditional recipes with a seasonal twist.

Canteen summer and winter

We create dishes that suit the seasons with special salads in the summer and hot sandwich fillings in the winter.


Our bread has become so popular we have split the business out into a stand alone company named SALT Bakehouse, SALT bakes Artisan bread for the shop from Tuesday to Friday. Friday we have a big variation of our speciality bread. If you require bread please come early to miss the Lunch unless you want lunch as well!

  • *World bread awards 2013 – Bronze award in the fruit loaf section,
  • Runner up to Baker of the Year 2014
  • World bread awards 2014 Category Winner Speciality
    • Stroud Brewery Big Cat (Category Winner Speciality)
    • Beetroot Focaccia (Gold)
    • Nettle & roast Onion (Silver)
    • Muesli & Marmalade Show stopper (Runner up)
  • World bread awards 2015
  • World Bread awards in 2016
    • Stroud wild Ciabatta (Category Winner)
  • BAKER of The Year 2016

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