Our next pitch against industry….The Cafe Life Awards

AThis was a competition  that made us think about what and how in fact literally out of the box……..sorry. Not very often in your daily work do you question what and how you do something especially when you do it every day. This challenge gave us a product and an event and left the rest up to us. So the criteria being Tetley tea and an afternoon tea, choosing one of Tetley’s tea to accompany our creation. The finalists would have to construct the tea in front of a panel of judges and an audience at the Lunch! Show in Islington. Thinking that our short but fairly sweet appearance on an ITV programme would be good training for this event we went blindly in, well to be more precise Dom went blindly in!

All ingredients and props made it to the Lunch show…. all but the most important, kitchen utensils, but Dom had his knife so all tasks in front of a camera were carried out with a surgeon’s precision until the cutting of the final sandwich, Dom managed to cut his finger. An interview, again in front of the camera, ensued with the bleeding digit held tightly behind his back. This all paled into insignificance as at the awards dinner Dominic’s Tetley Lemon Green Tea Garden Experience was the winner. Returning triumphant trophy in hand  Dom recounted a story about the  Food director of Pret a Mange commenting it would be the type of thing they would roll out praise indeed.

Thank you to all involved for making this such a an amazing experience.

And there’s more…..