History Behind Our Big Cat loaf

A legend borne in the misty valleys and velvet green Cotswold’s of beasts that prowl the night and leave fragmented evidence of their existence. Camera shy but caught by the determined. These tales of a Big cat co-existing with the Cotswold way of life has inspired local Artisans to pay it homage to it. To create products from local produce that reflects the mystery and earthiness of such a legend.

In the town of Cheltenham, the western gateway to the Cotswold, such a product was borne. Like the legendary cat the artisan looked to the land locally to sustain it and The Big Cat loaf was created. Some say there is an essence of smokiness emulating the mist in the valleys when a sighting is logged. A Facebook/twitter account invites sightings to be recorded of which there are about 300 followers.

This loaf , this wholesome bread was crafted from beer of the same name (Stroud Brewery Big Cat) flour milled using local grain ( Stanway Watermill) and a sourdough mother nurtured by its creator. With the addition of walnuts smoked using local oak, dates to add a richness molasses flavour like a black silky fur coat. All these ingredients afford this sourdough its well deserve name. . Have you spotted our Big Cat?

The Sandwich Box test group “the doughnuts” have deemed this loaf to be of good flavour, crumb and feel it is a good looker. Praise indeed

If you manage to get your hands on this creation this edible homage to the Cotswold Big Cat it should be treated with the utmost care lavished with a Simon Weaver Blue Vein Brie scattered with a locally grown soft leaf and pacified with our Stroud Ale Chutney.

big cat spotted

The Big Cat

Are you man enough…….