About Us

The Sandwich Box, established in Cheltenham for nearly 40 years. Originally in a small wooden shack & now in the current building, being then as it is now a family run business.

Dominic, Annette & Rod took on The Sandwich Box & turned it into the thriving business it is today. We produce home cooked seasonally aware food with no preservatives & your health in mind. Dominic has honed his skills as a bread maker & along with his sourdough (which is like another child) makes traditional long fermented breads, rolls & pitas. If you can make it with dough Dominic is your man.

Our ethos is to bring back food like your granny cooked, packed with flavour & goodness & grown locally. We don’t cook for shelf life; we cook for your life. Cooking using the experience of the past with the nutritional knowledge of today.